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Best pediatric dental care Services | Jaime mes dents

We love our kids and what we do!

Many children can benefit from receiving pediatric dental care because these dentists are trained and skilled in all aspects of dentistry for children. It is very common now for a parent to choose a pediatric dentist for a child’s dental needs, just as they would choose a pediatrician for their children’s medical needs.

Best Preventative Care service | Jaime mes dents

Preventative Care

Helps to establish healthy habits to keep your child’s teeth and gums clean and problem-free.

Infant/ toddler exams: from age 0-2
  • Short visual oral exam
  • Advice/ discussion with parents
  • Toothbrushing demonstration
Recall exams: ages 3+
  • Complete dental and oral exam
  • Cleaning
  • Fluoride application
  • X-rays as indicated
Sealants: once permanent molars are erupted
  • Non-invasive prevention of cavities on the biting surface of molars
  • A 3-step procedure that is fast and painless
  • Places a white colored “paint” into the deep grooves of the tooth to prevent cavity formation
Restorative Care service for children | Jaime mes dents

Restorative Care

Minimally invasive treatment:
When we see small cavities in young children who won’t tolerate extensive dental treatment, the goal is to prevent the cavities from getting bigger without traumatizing the child. These options require no anesthesia (freezing) and no drilling!

Silver Diamine Fluoride or “SDF”
  • An antimicrobial liquid that stops the progression of small to medium sized cavities
  • Is applied with a brush or with dental floss into the cavity for 1 minute
  • Pros: non-invasive, fast application, painless
  • Cons: permanently stains the cavity black, non-pleasant taste, requires repeated applications, does not fill in the cavity, so treatment may be required at a later date.
Glass Ionomer temporary fillings
  • A tooth-colored filling material that is biocompatible and easy to place
  • Re-enforces the tooth with its Fluoride releasing property
  • Pros: no freezing or drilling, esthetic
  • Cons: As no tooth structure or cavity is removed prior to placement, the filling can break or come off with time. The tooth will not be weaker if this happens, however.
Traditional Operative Dentistry
  • Cavities are extremely common in both baby and adult teeth in children.
  • Our goal is to treat the cavity and restore proper function and esthetics to baby and adult teeth quickly and easily.
  • Treatment options for baby teeth include amalgam (silver) or composite (white) fillings and stainless steel crowns.
  • Your dentist will explain the pros, cons and fees associated with each and give their recommendation, taking into account the extent of the lesion, your child’s age as well as their behaviour.
  • Sometimes teeth need to be removed, whether due to infection, for space or orthodontic issues.
  • Adult teeth often erupt before the baby tooth falls out. When this occurs we recommend removing the baby tooth to allow the adult tooth to move into the proper position.
  • We can extract both permanent and baby teeth as needed or with an orthodontic referral.
Sedation for children's |  Jaime mes dents


Sometimes kids need help tolerating dental procedures. We offer sedation in order to minimize the fear and anxiety some children have associated with dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide
  • Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is an odorless and colorless gas that is extremely safe.
  • Nitrous oxide helps to eliminate anxiety about dental procedures and keep children calm during their treatment.
  • It is well tolerated by children and wears off very quickly.
  • The child breathes the gas through a mask on their nose throughout the course of the dental appointment.
General Anesthesia
  • General anesthesia or being put to sleep, is sometimes necessary for dental treatment. Young children can present with excessive treatment needs and older patients have dental fears or medical conditions that prevent them from being able to tolerate typical treatment.
  • We treat children under general anesthesia at AGM, a dental anesthesia clinic in Rockland MD.
  • There, an anesthesiologist puts the child to sleep and monitors him or her while one of our dentists completes all the treatment needed.
  • The benefit of general anesthesia is that young patients get all of their dental needs met without any traumatic dental experiences.
Dental Emergency Treatment for children's | Jaime mes dents

Emergency Treatment

  • While we wish they weren’t, dental emergencies are very common.
  • We always try to leave time in our schedule to see our patients for their dental emergencies.
  • Emergencies range from pain and swelling to traumatized teeth and oral tissues.
  • For emergencies that are time-sensitive like a knocked-out adult tooth, call our office right away. After office hours it is best to present to the Montreal Children’s Hospital or Ste Justine’s Emergency Departments.
  • For other emergencies we ask that you send an email to and one of our staff will check and reply with minimal delay.